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Conference Services

Our event professionals are excited to work with you to make your international academic conference successful. We fully understand the importance of flawless venue logistics. As to facilitate your conference planning, for CUHK conference organisers, we are always ready to provide:


  • Consultancy services on conference planning and management

Whether you are newbie or veteran on hosting conferences, we are pleased to share our experience with you from conference planning, programme design, venue and poster exhibition setup, catering, to identifying hotels nearby and cultural activities for your conference throughout the planning and execution stages.

  • Bulk bookings

We coordinate bulk bookings of rooms, foyers, tea reception areas, furniture, partition rearrangements and air-conditioning for Sunday’s booking with Registration and Examinations Section (RES) and Estates Management Office (EMO).

  • Site inspections

We know our venues very much. Whether you are considering or have confirmed to host your conference at HCICC, we will walk through the venues for sessions, poster exhibitions and catering with you.

  • Useful conference organising resources

From venue setup references of past conferences, floor plans, estimated venue charges, to contacts of suppliers, you will definitely find our resources useful for your conference organising.

  • Conference related-supplies

To save the hassle of bringing in minor yet thoughtful supplies e.g. water stations, table cloths, stanchions, etc., we provide those to you for free.

Our room equipped with printing and photocopying facilities, cabinets for storage of conference materials, etc. are ready for your organising team to use for free.

  • Digital signage displays and movable kiosks

With our technical support, the displays outside each room and the movable kiosks are ready to show your conference programmes and videos, as well as serving as directional signage.

  • Other conference support

We liaise with your organising team for the conference shuttle buses arrangements and with Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) for the application of complimentary in-kind hospitality support to enhance your delegates’ experience in Hong Kong. We also support some sizable conferences with audio-visual equipment or technician services, photography and video-shooting, which are subject to availability.

Contact us now for further details.